How to be a SpacemanWelcome to Ben Brinkburn’s official website.  

Enter, stretch out, luxuriate, grimace, feel excited, smile, narrow your eyes in curiosity, scratch that itch, stroke that cat, feel solidity in the amorphous vapour of late capitalist insubstantiality, wonder if you really are experiencing existential angst, look at the fading stars above and curse urban light pollution.

Find out more about Ben on his About page above. There is a contact page if you want to send Ben any messages.  Also leave comments anywhere on the site as you see fit and able to.

Books and other efforts can be found on the Works page.

Ben has for some time opened his arms and embraced social media with a swaggering bear hug and his  magazine can be found here.

Touch base with Ben on Facebook.  Why not, you know you want to. Comments and feedback welcome there too, as this writer’s shoulders may be tear stained, but are still broad.

Current poetry and prose works can be found on Hello Poetry.  There’s also a button for this neat little site up there in the masthead.

Each of Ben’s books have their very own web presence which are small but perfectly formed introductions to specific work.  Check them out here:

How to be a Spaceman

Kitchen Conversations



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