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Bemused poet, dog-eared liberal, aspiring literary critic, azalea cultivator, duck whisperer, old before young, young despite being old, age as a state of mind, State of Mind: unstable. Pie eater lemonade drinker erudite talker impatient listener deep space viewer aspirant spaceman accomplished practitioner in the art of anglo-trashery…

Ben is a writer, poet and artist originally from the North East of England  but after much traipsing across this and another continent he is now based in Lancashire, between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester.

Ben has been writing prose and poetry for over twenty years and has put together three poetry collections including new works from the last year or so into nice digestible ebooks for the 21st century. Further details can be found in the ‘Works’ tab above. A printed compendium of the three ebooks called Brinkverse is also available.

In 2009 Ben’s novel ‘Do Not Fear The World, Fear Yourself’ was shortlisted for Liverpool’s Writing On The Wall Pulp Fiction prize.  His work has featured recently in ‘Tales from a New Town’ [Beacon Press] and his poem ‘Subbie’ won the ‘Skelmersdale: Fifty Years as a New Town’ competition in 2012.

Ben is also working on a couple of novels and a set of pulp thrillers which will emerge later this year.  You have been warned…

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