Urban Edgeland Chaos

edgeland urban chaos

Trekking the fields studying

the grass and

sleeping in hedgerows waking

in the night to test your

knowledge of the constellations

and Orion tracks from south to west

and this pleases you although the

night chills can challenge the blanket of

recycled magazines and news rags

and old clothes daringly taken from

the Salvation Army’s recycling skip

and foxes run and stouts scamper

and geese call and ducks quack

and cows bay and horses neigh

and moles

are new friends

and you go through a Ted Hughes moment

you stare at trees and see the myriad

of life forms in the bark

with Hughsian drama you imagine

stalking rain horses

although only truly find

staring sheep

and the sky is cast with dirty cumulus

the track is covered in broken stone

and smashed bottles

cans and plastic packets poke out of bushes

old refrigerators scar the edgeland

watertight but

dangerous places to sleep

as you skirt the town a refugee

before your time

perhaps timeless

in the everlasting now of

rural vagrancy king of

the farm track and

the dog walker trails of

muddy puddles and scrappy corn

burnt out tree

rusted household appliances

random pieces of clothing

a focus point for camp fire drinking

gather up the splintered kindling

rip up the news on already damaged paper

laugh with a deep throated abandon at

the chaos in the world charted there

and watch the stars feeling captured by

the night

but still very much



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